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Welcome WJMB Alumni!

September 12 & September 14 are fast approaching!
August 8, 2015

Dear Alumni & Friends:

We are about 1 month away from our big Alumni Band concert on September 12 (Sat) at the Warren OH Amphitheater. If you haven't done so yet, please complete the online participation form. (above). The schedule for the concert on the 12th is as follows:

For a look at the repertoire (as of now), click the following link. September 14 Concert Rep


For those of you who play bass clarinet, euphonium, tuba, and percussion, we will have use of Fitch's concert instruments. If you are able to secure these instruments through another source that could also be helpful. We currently have over 60 people ready to play for the 12th. Let's keep passing the word. I'd like to see 80+ for September 12.

* For the rehearsals at Fitch, just bring your instrument. We will provide stands, music, and percussion. We are also in the process of posting the music online for you to look at and practice.
** For concert day at the Amphitheater, we are asking alumni to wear khaki shorts or pants (or something close to that), and red shirts. You can wear a t-shirt or golf shirt/polo design. The alumni will be selling polos the day of the concert that you may purchase, however It is not mandatory that you buy one.
*** Also, for the concert you will need your instrument, music (that we give you at rehearsal), and a wire stand with clothes pins or something to hold the music down.
**** Percussionists should note that we will be using Fitch percussion. I will need 1 or 2 people with a truck to pick-up equipment from Austintown on Friday the 11th or early Saturday morning the 12th. Equipment will be returned later that evening after the concert.

There will be a short concert with a smaller ensemble on September 14 (Monday) at the Kinsman House. Those of you interested in this performance should note that on the participation form. We will not use percussion for that concert. More details coming, but we will likely perform 2 or 3 short sets from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.


~ Jonathan Willis
WJMB Alumnus, 1977 - 1981